Technologies for New Zealand conditions

NZ Lone Worker has spent six years researching, trialling and developing the suite of products we now offer with confidence. These have all proven themselves to be the best technlogies for the New Zealand environment.


SoloProtect ID functions include: 

  • single button activation
  • incapacitation/fall detection
  • rip alarm activation
  • two-way audio
  • audio capture
  • GPS location

Leading lone worker technology, discreet operation

SoloProtect ID is a versatile emergency and reporting device in the guise of a standard ID holder. It gives the ability to summon emergency aid in any threatening situation without alerting a potential attacker.

SoloProtect ID is a UK product developed to meet the needs of public health workers. It has since become the international gold standard of discreet, effective lone worker solutions in a wide range of industries. 

SoloProtect ID uses the mobile phone (GSM) network and links directly to NZ Lone Worker's specialist 24/7 monitoring centre. In many cases, clients establish SoloProtectID as an integral part of a worker's PPE and dynamic risk assessment protocols.

When you choose SoloProtectID, NZ Lone Worker also provides sophisticated customisation, monitoring, reporting, and training.

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Garmin InReach Mini functions include:

  • single button activation
  • global Iridium Satellite connection
  • design that is lightweight, durable, and rated IPX7 waterproof

Operates where other solutions cannot

A lightweight, tough and compact satellite-connected device. The Garmin InReach Mini is specifically for use in outdoor environments and where mobile phone coverage is unreliable.

The Garmin InReach Mini operates over the Global Iridium Satellite Network. When triggered by the user the device sends an 'SOS' transmission which is received by our specialist monitoring centre. Appropriate assistance can then be dispatched immediately.

The Garmin InReach Mini is fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery with up to 50 hours of use. When paired with the Garmin App, the Garmin InReach Mini can be paired with the user's smartphone to send/receive email and text messages.


Safeguard functions include: 

  • single button activation
  • two-way audio communication and audio capture
  • GPS location

Simple and discreet functionality

Safeguard is an award-winning one button emergency device. With built-in GPS and a Red Alert alarm, Safeguard provides lone workers with an easy to use panic alarm.

This small, lightweight, durable design makes it suitable for most working environments.  When activated, Safeguard automatically establishes two-way communication with the NZ Lone Worker 24/7 specialist monitoring centre.

Safeguard uses 3G and 4G mobile phone networks and can transmit via Bluetooth if tethered to the user's mobile phone through NZ Lone Worker's Safeguard App.

Let’s talk about your specific requirements

We'd love to hear about the situations your people are working in and the business risks you are managing. If you'd like us to help you achieve your goals we will develop a proposal detailing the ideal technologies, training, reporting, monitoring and 24/7 support for your unique needs.