Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions. 

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How much do NZ Lone Worker devices cost?
There are a number of variables which will affect the cost to you. These include which product is best for your requirements and the number of devices you need.  The support package you receive is consistent: monitoring, 24/7 support, sim costs, and data charges. 

We will develop an emergency response plan, in consultation with you, that will be specific to you. This may involve additional costs to your business for security company response, which is separate to your contract with NZ Lone Worker.

Does it work where I am?
Yes! No matter where you are working in New Zealand, NZ Lone Worker has a device that will work for you.

What training do you provide?
NZ Lone Worker provides full training and you can choose the method that works best for you: classroom, one-to-one, online or zoom, or through our website portal. The training covers how to use the device, maintenance, and incorporating reporting functions into your organisation's dynamic risk assessment protocols.

What purchase or lease options do you offer?
All our devices are available for purchase or lease. Our support package is provided whichever option you prefer.

How do your devices fit into our Health & Safety management planning?
Most companies integrate our devices with their own Health & Safety planning. The standard package with all devices includes useful reporting data on device performance and device use. 

What ongoing support is provided?
Our support package never expires. It includes 24/7 user and technical support such as problem solving, device maintenance, refresher training, event reviews and device reports.